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We are a Research Chemicals Supplier with stock locations in the UK and USA, shipping to Europe, USA and rest of the world. At Apollo Scientific, we’re committed to being the socially responsible partner of choice supporting discovery across the global market. As a specialist in the manufacture and supply of intermediate building blocks, fluorochemicals, and life science reagents, we meet and exceed the needs of our customers globally. Our range of 100,000+ compounds and our in-house manufacturing capability is underpinned by our determination to deliver unrivaled service.


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We are your trusted partner for the supply of research chemicals. Whatever your focus, whether academic or industrial, we’re committed to supporting your goals through our people, our values, our products, and our expertise.


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Research Chemical Vendors

When looking for Research Chemical Vendors, We’re the socially responsible partner of choice in the manufacture and supply of high-quality research chemicals, helping to support discovery across the global market. Watch our brand new video to discover who we are, what we offer, and how we support your unique projects – no matter how big or small.

In-House Manufacturing

Research Chemical Vendors

At Apollo, we’re committed to delivering the best service as well as the highest quality products. We guarantee you the quoted price, independent of the success of the initially planned synthetic route and regardless of whether more work is required to complete the synthesis successfully. What’s more, we explore alternative synthetic methods and purification procedures and can provide detailed options for scale-up synthesis in customer-tailored reports.

We are specialists in manufacturing small multifunctional and unusual substituted arenes and heterocycles. Currently we carry out reactions between -78°C and +250°C in conventional 50mL to 20L glass vessels under inert reactions conditions if required. As well as conventional batch synthesis, we operate a flow reactor system to assist with new reaction development and simple scale up of optimised reactions.

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ChemWriter contains two standard user interface components:

  • Editor, a chemical structure editor; and
  • Image, a high-performance chemical structure images.

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