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21st September 2021

Throughout September we have discounted a range of organic, fluorinated and heterocyclic building blocks by 25%, including the following items:


                               OR61533   2-IODOSTYRENE   CAS: 4840-91-9

                               OR400744   2-BROMO-3-IODOBENZONITRILE   CAS: 1261498-04-7

              OR400952   METHYL 4-BROMO-2-IODOBENZOATE   CAS: 1093418-75-7

          PC2796   3-FLUORO-5-METHOXYBENZYL ALCOHOL   CAS: 914637-27-7

                   PC49599   5-ETHYNYL-2-FLUOROBENZALDEHYDE   CAS: 1440535-11-4

                     PC32739   3-FLUORO-5-IODOBENZYL BROMIDE   CAS: 1261759-75-4

               PC51096   3-FLUOROPHENYLSULPHUR PENTAFLUORIDE   CAS: 1422-41-9

                       PC53479   4,5-DIFLUORO-2-IODOTOLUENE   CAS: 1208077-21-7

  PC53488   4,5-DIFLUORO-2-IODOTOLUENE   CAS: 1208077-21-7



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