Discounted stock items – phenazines/acridines

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Below are a range of phenazines/acridines available from stock with a 50% discount.



Structure Item Product name CAS no.


OR40774 7-Chloro-1-iodophenazine 2367002-64-8 Shop now


PC57776 8-Chloro-1-fluorophenazine 2407339-50-6 Shop now


PC29358 7-Bromo-1-fluorophenazine 2366994-18-3 Shop now


PC57775 8-Bromo-1-fluorophenazine 2379918-33-7 Shop now


PC57079 2-Fluoro-7-chlorophenazine 1346682-89-0 Shop now


OR40772 2-Bromo-7-chlorophenazine 29453-79-0 Shop now


OR40773 2-Amino-7-chlorophenazine 23677-11-4 Shop now


OR42290 1-Chloro-9-iodo-phenazine 2367002-82-0 Shop now


OR60265 1-Bromophenazine 3331-27-9 Shop now


OR60266 2-Bromo-7-methoxyphenazine 58476-71-4 Shop now


OR60268 2-Bromophenazine 3331-28-0 Shop now


PC29357 2-Bromo-7-fluorophenazine 2366994-10-5 Shop now


PC57774 2-Fluorophenazine 397-57-9 Shop now


OR64741 2-Bromoacridine-9-carbonitrile 958452-37-4 Shop now


PC50163 2-Bromo-6-fluoroacridine-9-carbonitrile 2375008-66-3 Shop now


OR64742 6-Bromo-2-chloroacridine-9-carbonitrile 958452-43-2 Shop now