Our in-house manufacturing services

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30th June 2020

Apollo’s position in the global market ensures we are able to fulfill our mission to be the socially responsible partner of choice in the manufacture and supply of high-quality research chemicals.



As part of the Central Glass group, we have manufacturing facilities in Japan, Germany, USA and the UK.

Our UK and US sites are ideally placed to support R&D/medium scale production with access to a range of technologies such as flow reactors and distillation equipment. We have extensive warehousing at both sites offering over 20,000 compounds in stock.

With our pilot plants we offer internal tech transfer packages to our in-house group companies and carefully selected manufacturing partners. Central Glass Germany and Japan both offer cGMP production with analytical and process validation alongside full regulatory support, with 8 API’s manufactured to date.

As a group of companies, our strengths have been in key fluorination chemistry which has allowed us to offer a range of novel fluorinated compounds. We have also developed an array of non-fluorinated compounds using our extensive chemistry knowledge and technologies.

We are able to support any requirements our customers may have whether they be fluorinated or non-fluorinated. Please contact us here for more information.