Product Focus – Cyclopropyl Derivatives

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4th May 2020


The cyclopropyl ring exhibits a number of interesting properties such as copolarity of the three carbon atoms, relatively short C-C and C-H bonds and enhanced π-characteristics of the C-C bonds. These allow the cyclopropyl moiety to bestow a range of beneficial effects on drug molecules which contain it. Some examples of this are: increased metabolic stability, enhanced potency, increased brain permeability and reduced off-target effects.

Other advantages include entropically more favourable binding to the receptor, and conformational restriction of peptides and peptidomimetrics to prevent proteolytic hydrolysis. This range of useful properties has led to the use of cyclopropyl-containing compounds in cardiovascular drugs, antidiabeticcs, autoimmune drugs, drugs for respiratory disorders, CNS active drugs, anti-cancer drugs, anti-virals and antibacterials.

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  OR40778  4-Bromo-2-cyclopropylaniline

  OR40807  3-(Cyclopropyl)thiophene

   OR42286  2-Amino-6-cyclopropylpyridine

    OR42287  3-Amino-5-cyclopropylpyridine

      OR42288  4-Amino-3-cyclopropylpyridine

     OR46744  2-Bromo-3-cyclopropylthiophene

OR48097  5-Cyclopropyl-2-thiophenesulfonyl chloride

OR51799  2-Bromo-6-cyclopropylphenol

OR54824  4-Cyclopropylthiophene-2-sulfonyl chloride

OR938340  3-(Cyclopropyl)benzoic acid

      OR952526  2-Amino-3-cyclopropylpyridine

    PC32944  2-Bromo-4-fluoro-1-cyclopropylbenzene

     PC32946  2-Bromo-6-fluoro-1-cyclopropylbenzene

     PC49415  3-Cyclopropyl-2-fluoroaniline

  PC49416  4-Cyclopropyl-2-fluoroaniline

    PC49417  5-Cyclopropyl-2-fluoroaniline

      PC49418  2-Cyclopropyl-6-fluoroaniline

       PC49419  2-Cyclopropyl-3-fluoroaniline

       PC49421  3-Cyclopropyl-5-fluoroaniline

      PC49423  2-Cyclopropyl-5-fluoroaniline


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