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Our life science range of products caters to routine demands for antibiotics and buffers alongside more specialised requests.

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High Quality, Highly Competitive

Our current catalogue contains over 6,000 items; in addition to our rapidly expanding range of biochemical reagents, we now list a large number of recombinant proteins, antibodies, enzymes and growth factors, all offering excellent value without compromising on quality.

Cell Analysis & Detection

Our biochemical range caters to researchers requiring reagents for the isolation and exposure of cellular processes. Many of our chromogenic substrates are ideal candidates for fluorescent labelling and microbial detection.

Cell & Molecular Biology

We offer a wide selection of multi-purpose molecular biology reagents for routine and specific cell analysis, such as cytotoxicity, cell stress, viability, proliferation and more.

Genomics And Electrophoresis

We supply a diverse range of reagents to support researchers investigating the structure and function of genomes through DNA sequencing.


We offer a wide variety of products tailored for autoimmune disease research, which can aid in investigating cell damage, gene regulation, apoptosis and more.

Plant Biology

We supply phytologists with a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic plant growth regulators, used to stimulate the growth of plants. Phytohormones we offer include auxins, gibberelins, cytokinins, and abscisic acid.

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