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Apollo’s diverse spectroscopy products span a range of key analytic techniques in use today.

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Spectroscopy Products

We Have What You Need

We offer: deuterated solvents; other isotopic labelled compounds; Kimble/Kontes and Wilmad NMR tubes; polished crystal optics for IR spectroscopy; an International Crystal Laboratories range of IR cells for liquid, solid and gaseous sampling; UV cells; mass spectrometry standards; and a range of GC diagnostic reagents.

IR Spectroscopy

We offer a wide range of consumables for infrared spectroscopy, including both polished and unpolished optics in a variety of materials, as well as cells for liquid, solid and gas analysis and evacuable dies for solid sampling.

Mass Spectroscopy

Our comprehensive offering of mass spectrometry standards combines competitive pricing with high levels of purity.

NMR Spectroscopy

We supply a complete range of deuterated solvents and high quality NMR tubes and accessories for all NMR spectroscopy requirements.

Silica Gel

All our silica is produced in an ISO-9001 certified facility under strict QC controls, all the way from raw material right through to finished product. This enables high lot-to-lot reproducibility and tightly-controlled specifications.

UV Spectroscopy

Our range of cells for ultraviolet spectroscopy covers a wide variety of path lengths and shapes and are manufactured from the highest quality glass and quartz.

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