Research Chemical Manufacturers

Our laboratories in Manchester, UK and Florida, US enable us to undertake a wide variety of chemical syntheses.

In-house manufacturing

In-House Manufacturing

At Apollo, we’re committed to delivering the best service as well as the highest quality products. We guarantee you the quoted price, independent of the success of the initially planned synthetic route and regardless of whether more work is required to complete the synthesis successfully. What’s more, we explore alternative synthetic methods and purification procedures and can provide detailed options for scale-up synthesis in customer-tailored reports.

We are specialists in manufacturing small multifunctional and unusual substituted arenes and heterocycles. Currently we carry out reactions between -78°C and +250°C in conventional 50mL to 20L glass vessels under inert reactions conditions if required. As well as conventional batch synthesis, we operate a flow reactor system to assist with new reaction development and simple scale up of optimised reactions.

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Find Your Solution

Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to undertake a wide variety of tasks, including custom synthesis, scale-up of existing routes, technology transfer to our commercial partners and development of novel compounds for our catalogue.

Custom synthesis

Specialists in developing synthetic routes to new molecules

In-house manufacturing capabilities

Specialists in manufacturing small multifunctional and unusual substituted arenes and heterocycles

Developing new compounds

In-house development of new compounds

Group manufacturing capabilities

Global capabilities, powered by the entire Central Glass Group

Quality control

Sophisticated analytical techniques to ensure quality and consistency

Custom Synthesis

We specialise in developing synthetic routes to new molecules, helping you find the solution you need. Thanks to our wide range of in-stock compounds, diverse sourcing network and expert dynamic synthesis team of PhD chemists, we can respond to custom requests quickly and flexibly. With a typical scale of 1-500g, we are also able to manufacture multiple kilos upon request and offer scale-up facilities and procedures that are adapted to each customer’s unique needs.  We excel in quickly determining the best route and conditions to rapidly scale up production.


What we offer:

  • Short delivery times.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • High success rate on completing projects and meeting delivery times.
  • Full reporting and IP protection as required.

Developing New Compounds

We’re constantly exploring and producing new molecules and developing our range of compounds in order to provide novel building blocks for research labs and kilo labs/pilot plants in the medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotech and other life science industries. Over the last decade, more than 3,500 different compounds have been made in our UK and US labs.  We do this by building on our own synthetic knowledge and experience accumulated over the last 20+ years, as well as analysing current literature and expanding on structures and scaffolds in demand from the chemical industry.  Along with this, we utilise and derivatise molecules from our stock of over 25,000 molecules.


What we offer:

  • Novel building blocks not commercially available elsewhere.
  • Competitive pricing for the products we have made for stock, which are ready for same day dispatch.