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We offer over 100,000 chemicals for research and industry, many of which are unique to Apollo.

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From fluorinated compounds to non-fluorinated building blocks, our range of chemical products has expanded over time to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Fluorinated Building Blocks

Discover over 30,000 building blocks containing at least one fluorine atom. We also offer a wide range of fluorinating reagents.

Heterocyclic Building Blocks

Our catalogue contains over 30,000 nitrogen-, sulfur- and oxygen-containing heterocyclic compounds for research in many sectors, including pharmaceutical and agrochemical.

Organic Building Blocks

We supply over 17,000 non-fluorinated aliphatic, aromatic and carbocyclic organic building blocks for applications across a range of industries.


Our inorganic range includes compounds which don’t contain carbon, as well as carbon-containing compounds which lack C-C bonds. These find applications in many areas of research, including catalysis.


We offer organometallic compounds which contain at least one bond between a carbon atom of an organic compound and a metal or metalloid. These offer applications as reagents and catalysts in the synthesis of organic molecules.

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