50% Off on High Spec. TLC Plates – Pre-order for March Delivery!

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Exciting news for chromatography enthusiasts! Following the success of introducing TLC plates to our catalogue last year, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new and improved range that rivals the performance of current market leaders.

Unparalleled Features for Superior Performance

Our latest TLC plates come with a host of features designed to elevate your chromatography experience:

Uniform Particle Size

Experience consistent and reliable results with our TLC plates, thanks to their uniform particle size. Achieve precision and accuracy in your separations like never before.

Low Metal Content

Say goodbye to interference from metal contaminants. Our TLC plates boast low metal content, ensuring the purity of your samples and the integrity of your results.

High Temperature Resistance

Handle high-temperature applications with ease. Our TLC plates are built to withstand elevated temperatures, providing you with the flexibility to explore a wide range of chromatographic conditions.

Superior Performance

Expect nothing but the best when it comes to performance. Our TLC plates deliver exceptional results, meeting and even surpassing the standards set by current market leaders.

Effective Separation of Substances

Enjoy enhanced chromatographic capabilities with our TLC plates, facilitating the effective separation of mulitple substances. Explore a broader range of applications with confidence.

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For more information and to place your order, contact us at sales@apolloscientific.co.uk.

Elevate your chromatography game with Apollo Scientific’s cutting-edge TLC plates – where excellence meets affordability!


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