,Exclusive Christmas Sale Offer!


The festive season is here, at Apollo Scientific, and we are thrilled to spread the Chemical Cheer, with an exclusive Christmas Sale.  As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing scientific research, we are delighted to offer 30% discount on over 240 Research Chemicals.

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How to Order

Placing an order is quick and easy. Simply select your products and email your list to marketing@apolloscientific.co.uk. Our Christmas Sale team is ready to assist you in making this holiday season extra special.

Discover New Possibilities with Chemical Building Blocks

Our inventory boasts a diverse array of over 25,000 chemical building blocks, laying the foundation for innovative research across various scientific domains. From aromatics to heterocyclic building blocks, our collection is a treasure trove for researchers seeking top-quality materials.


Aromatics and Heterocyclic Building Blocks: Unleashing Potential


Aromatics Sale: Enhancing Your Research Palette

Aromatic chemicals are key players in the world of chemistry, and our selection includes a wide range of these essential compounds. Whether you’re delving into organic synthesis or examining distinctive properties, our aromatic building blocks offer a robust foundation for all your research experiments.

Heterocyclic Building Block Sale: Diversify Your Toolkit

Dive into the world of heterocyclic building blocks, where innovation knows no bounds. With sp3 characteristics and varying functionality, these compounds open doors to numerous reactions. From Suzuki coupling to reductive aminations, sulphonamide formation, and amide formation, our heterocyclic building blocks empower you to explore the full spectrum of chemical transformations.

Act Fast: Limited Stock at Unbeatable Christmas Prices!

To take advantage of our special Christmas offer, act swiftly! You must place your order by 22nd December. Visit our website to view the list of new products with their discounted prices.

Elevate Your Research with Apollo Scientific’s Christmas Sale

This Christmas, treat yourself to discounted research chemicals that can make a real difference in your laboratory. Unleash your creativity, explore new reactions, and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in your field.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your research capabilities. Happy experimenting from all of us at Apollo Scientific!