In the realm of scientific research, precision and purity are paramount. Enter High Purity Hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP), a solvent which is exclusively available from Apollo Scientific. The features of this high-purity solvent include:

NLT 99.9% :

High Purity HFIP boasts a guaranteed minimum purity level of 99.9% compared to the basic standard of 99.5%. We are already seeing a huge number of research companies preferring our higher purity solvent, especially in production of nano-fibres and nano-technology research. If you want to stay ahead of the game you need to use the best grade product you can.

Fluorine Rich:

The high levels of fluorine in this solvent make it invaluable for a range of scientific applications, particularly in the synthesis of intricate compounds and the exploration of cutting-edge materials.

Low Water Content: NMT 100ppm:

In scientific pursuits where precision is imperative, High-purity HFIP takes the lead with an exceptionally low water content not exceeding 100 parts per million (ppm). This attribute ensures a dry and controlled environment, paving the way for meticulous experimentation without the interference of moisture-related variables.

Minimal Impurities – HF and SO2 NMT 5ppm, HC NMT 10ppm:

Our HFIP redefines purity standards with minimal impurities, a critical factor in scientific research, reducing any unwanted side products. With Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) levels capped at not more than 5 ppm, and Hydrocarbons (HC) restricted to less than 10 ppm, researchers can trust this solvent upholds the sanctity of their experiments.

Japanese Excellence:

This specific grade of HFIP is sourced from Japan, a nation celebrated for its commitment to precision and innovation. It is manufactured by our parent company Central Glass and we are currently the only UK distributor As a solvent crafted in the crucible of Japanese quality standards, it assures researchers of reliability and consistency.

High Purity HFIP is the catalyst for elevating scientific research. With our unmatched purity, enriched fluorine content, and meticulous control over water and impurities, this solvent is not just a component; it is a cornerstone in the pursuit of scientific excellence. We can supply bulk 300 kg drums or these can be packed down to bespoke catalogue quantities as required. Our standard catalogue packs include 25 g, 250 g and 1 kg bottles.

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