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If you’re in the market for high-quality TLC Plates, Apollo Scientific, has an enticing offer for you. We are excited to introduce a brand new range of Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates. Pre-order from our new range of TLC plates now and enjoy an exclusive discount of over 70%, for the entire month of November. This is your opportunity to buy our TLC plates at an unbeatable price and elevate your research game.

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This special discounted price is exclusively available on pre-orders with Apollo Scientific during November. By securing your pre-order this month for delivery in December you will lock in this special price for the next six months. Don’t miss out on this special deal!

How to Place Your Pre-Order

Placing your pre-order with Apollo Scientific is a simple process. Just contact our dedicated sales team at and let us know how many packs of TLC plates you’d like to purchase. We’ll add you to our growing list of pre-orders, and your shipment will be dispatched to you in December. Act fast, as these TLC plates are expected to be in high demand.

Elevate Your Research with Apollo Scientific

At Apollo Scientific, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and continually expanding our product portfolio to serve the scientific community better. Our brand-new TLC plates are a testament to our commitment to offering high-quality products to our customers.


Here’s what you can expect from Apollo Scientific’s TLC plates:


Uniform Particle Size:

Our plates are manufactured using high-purity powdered silica gel and are coated with precision using specialised equipment, ensuring a uniform particle size. This is crucial for superior separation in chromatography, making them a valuable addition to the arsenal of any researcher in the field.

Low Metal Content:

Apollo Scientific’s TLC plates have minimal metal content, reducing the risk of contamination and interference with your samples. This is a must for accurate research.

High Temperature Resistance:

Designed to withstand high temperatures, our TLC plates are suitable for a wide range of chromatographic applications, ensuring you can tackle various research challenges with ease.

Superior Performance:

With our TLC plates, you can expect exceptional performance and reliable results in your research. They are ideal for a variety of separation techniques, making them a valuable resource for scientists across disciplines.

Effective Separation of 16 Substances:

Our TLC plates are designed for efficient separation, enabling you to work with up to 16 different substances in a single experiment. This versatility makes them a top choice for researchers and scientists in diverse fields.

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