Bulk Business Triumphs with Apollo Scientific


Explore the unparalleled success stories behind Apollo Scientific, a company that transcends the conventional boundaries of a Catalogue Company. With a proven track record in supplying Bulk Chemical Projects spanning diverse applications and industries, Apollo Scientific brings over 30 years of invaluable experience to the table. Dive into the world of Bulk Chemical Projects with Apollo, where expertise meets innovation, creating a legacy of triumph.

Building a Legacy in Bulk Chemical Projects

At Apollo Scientific, we have cultivated a remarkable portfolio of manufacturing experts worldwide, firmly establishing ourselves as leaders in supporting discovery. Our Shanghai office stands as a testament to our commitment, offering extensive local knowledge of production sites within China. Whether it’s qualification, auditing requirements, or unrivalled support, Apollo is your trusted partner in success.

Global Manufacturing Capabilities

Apollo’s journey extends to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, boasting a cutting-edge custom synthesis lab in the UK. In addition, our affiliation with a parent company provides access to state-of-the-art production facilities in the USA and Japan. This expansive network empowers us to meet and exceed your bulk chemical project needs.

Success Stories Unveiled


Trifluoroacetic Acid [76-05-1]

Witness our impact in supplying multi-MT levels of trifluoroacetic acid for diverse applications, including peptide synthesis, chromatography, and pharmaceuticals. With expertise in shipping hazardous chemicals, we cater to a global clientele with quantities ranging from 250g bottles to 300kg drums.

1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropan-2-ol 99.9% [920-66-1]

Experience the purity revolution with our high-grade HFIP, manufactured by our parent company in Japan. With exceptional fluorine content, low water content, and minimal impurities, our HFIP sets the standard in the market. Benefit from our UK Warehouse with hundreds of kilograms in stock for swift delivery.

3-Nitrobenzoic Acid [121-92-6]

Explore a success story where urgency met efficiency. A US-based company faced supply chain challenges, but with Apollo’s Shanghai office, we quickly located and qualified a manufacturing facility in China. Direct sea freight shipments of MT quantities ensured their production remained uninterrupted.

Dichloroacetic Acid [79-43-6]

Embark on a journey of innovation as we collaborated with manufacturing partners in India to develop a high-purity grade version of Dichloroacetic Acid. Supplying multi-MT levels directly from India by sea, we optimise our customers’ onward processes.

Sodium Sulphate [7757-82-6]

Revolutionising the availability of sodium sulphate, we partner with a local milling expert to produce fine powdered material. Supplying up to 20MT per annum for industrial applications, Apollo Scientific goes beyond the norm, redefining success in bulk chemical projects.


Join the league of successful enterprises that have harnessed the power of bulk chemical projects with Apollo Scientific. From unmatched expertise to a global network of manufacturing capabilities, our success stories underscore our commitment to excellence. Partner with Apollo and unlock a future where your bulk business triumphs.