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New COVID19 inhibitors now in stock thumbnail image
New COVID19 inhibitors now in stock

2nd November 2020 SARS-CoV-2 Viral Mechanisms – How does the virus cause COVID-19? The global pandemic caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus in 2020 has created a critical demand for novel antiviral treatments, diagnostic methods and vaccines against the virus. Research into how it attacks the immune system and causes the disease COVID-19 that has […]

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An oldie but a goodie – Sulphonyl Chlorides thumbnail image
An oldie but a goodie – Sulphonyl Chlorides

26th October 2020   Sulphonyl chlorides are one of the most frequently requested compounds as they are important intermediates in the synthesis of API’s. Because of that we have been working on scaling up one of our sulphonyl chlorides synthesis in the labs this month. Takes a while to get the all the glassware set […]

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Discounted Building Blocks thumbnail image
Discounted Building Blocks

5th October 2020   Throughout December we have discounted a range of organic, fluorinated and heterocyclic building blocks, including the following items:     OR16705   1-OXA-7-AZASPIRO[4.5]DECAN-2-ONE HYDROCHLORIDE       OR300192   4-BROMO-1-METHYL-1H-INDOLE-6-CARBOXYLIC ACID        OR300196   5-BROMO-3-METHYL-1H-INDOLE-7-CARBONITRILE       PC53406   4-BROMO-2-FLUORO-5-IODOBENZOIC ACID             PC56137   1-BROMO-3-FLUORO-2-METHOXY-4-(TRIFLUOROMETHOXY)BENZENE       […]

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Spooky Savings thumbnail image
Spooky Savings

1st October 2020   With the chill of October approaching, Apollo Scientific is thrilled to offer some Scary Spooky Savings throughout the month. Every day one of our 6,000 life science reagents will be chosen at random and given a monster-sized discount for 24hours.  After this time, the discount will disappear and a new item […]

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Trials and trifluoromethylations thumbnail image
Trials and trifluoromethylations

23rd September 2020   Establishing new in-house methods to increase the range of available catalogue compounds is one of our key objectives in the Apollo Labs. We have recently worked on the selective mono-trifluoromethylation of highly volatile 1,2-diketones. Similar compounds have been made via trifluoromethylations using Ruppert’s reagent  in neat conditions. Scheme 1: The initial […]

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Improve RNA detection with AMPLIFYME products thumbnail image
Improve RNA detection with AMPLIFYME products

4th September 2020 Get the most reliable and specific results from your RNA samples using versions of AMPLIFYME Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Mix for fast and sensitive RNA detection in a single tube.   AMPLIFYME PROBE ONE-STEP NO-ROX RT-QPCR MIX BIBL0030 The AMPLIFYME Probe One-Step No-ROX RT-qPCR Mix – created for reproducible and efficient first-strand cDNA […]

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Product Focus – Novel Phenazines thumbnail image
Product Focus – Novel Phenazines

3rd September 2020   Produced naturally by a range of bacteria and commonly synthesised via the Wohl-Aue reaction, phenazines are a class of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds of wide interest. They have shown potential in biotechnological roles based on their ability to shuffle electrons and have also displayed antibiotic, antitumor and anti-parasitic activity.   Appl Microbiol […]

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Apollo Labs – Pyridines thumbnail image
Apollo Labs – Pyridines

24th August 2020   Our Labs are working on new pyridine series at the moment. Some tough nuts to crack! But we’ve had some success and the first new compounds have hit our store and are available from stock now.            PC50022  2-Methoxy-4-(trifluoromethyl)nicotinic acid      PC50183  5-Bromo-3-nitro-2-(trifluoromethyl)pyridine     PC50184  […]

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Frequently Asked Questions thumbnail image
Frequently Asked Questions

20th August 2020 Q. Which currency am I able to pay in? A. We accept payment in GBP, EUR and USD.   Q. Can I buy through a distributor? A. Yes you can! Please click here for our list of distributors. We do sell directly to end users internationally so purchases can also be made […]

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Product Focus – Pyrazoles thumbnail image
Product Focus – Pyrazoles

3rd August 2020   Pyrazole compounds have a relatively low abundance in nature, but have a high synthetic availability. They have a long history of interest within medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical development, with reports of investigation into their anti-inflammatory properties from over 50 years ago. The Pyrazole motif features in a wide range of pharmaceutical […]

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Chiral and spiro  Boc protected 2,2-Dioxido-1,2,3-oxathiazolidines thumbnail image
Chiral and spiro Boc protected 2,2-Dioxido-1,2,3-oxathiazolidines

27th July 2020   We have extended our range of 2,2-Dioxido-1,2,3-oxathiazolidine to include new spiro and cyclic compounds – all available from our UK Labs.  Boc protected 2,2-Dioxido-1,2,3-oxathiazolidines are widely used to introduce amino alkyl chains on aromatic compounds and have been used in a range of medicinal chemistry project including par-1 receptor antagonists1 and […]

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Product Focus – Alkyne Derivatives thumbnail image
Product Focus – Alkyne Derivatives

6th July 2020   Alkynes are versatile molecules which can undergo a variety of reactions. As well as being widely used in Sonogashira coupling reactions, these compounds can also be utilised in Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition (click chemistry), along with azides, to form 1,2,3-triazoles, whilst hydration of alkynes provide ketone products. During July we are offering […]

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