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Now available - USA stock location
Our American customers will no longer have to import Apollo items from the UK, instead we can ship straight from our Florida Warehouse. We have stocked a range of our most popular Fluorochemicals, Org......more info
Product Focus - Digitonin
Digitonin (Apollo Cat. No. BID3301; CAS No. 11024-24-1) is a steroidal saponin, obtained from the seeds of the foxglove plant Digitalis purpurea (Plantaginaceae). Saponins have been historically used ......more info
New from Apollo - Absorbable polymers and copolymers
We are pleased to offer a range of absorbable polymers for research and development. These polymers are designed to degrade under physiological conditions; they are also sometimes referred to as biode......more info
New products - Seramun's range of Stabllizer products
New products - Seramun's range of Stabilizer products. We are excited to announce that Seramunís range of innovative stabilizer reagents for HRP conjugates, AP conjugates and universal applications a......more info
Exhibition Schedule announced for 2017
Winter Fluorine Conference - St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA - January 15th - 20th 2017 Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2017 - Edinburgh, Scotland - April 3rd - 6th 2017 Informex 2017 - Philadel......more info
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